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ZV5-X Coy 

The ZV5 Series, “Custom Tables ,“ is our new take on a classic design. Each of our custom, hand-painted, limited-edition turntables requires up to one month to create and is painstakingly detailed, pinstriped, and airbrushed, before it is  protected by two coats of PU piano lacquer. The heart of the table is a Zavfino engineered 50mm CNC-machined plinth, with a 35mm diamond cut aluminum platter. The bearing is machined out of solid blocks of non-magnetic stainless steel with a bronze bushing which is press fit into place and then machined even with the bearing cap. This platter bearing cap setup sits on a ceramic ball which rotates on a 2mm teflon trust plate locate at the top of the bearing shaft for zero noise and smooth uninterrupted rotation  

The motor is housed in an upgraded 2 piece machined aluminum housing independent from the table that sits on three heavy rubber feet to eliminate external vibration and further dampen the motor assembly.  In addition, the motor is paired with our own power-regenerator/regulator, guaranteeing smooth and stable 33.3rpm or 45rpm operation with the press of a button. 


Each table comes standard with our Aeshna Tonearm  available in various combinations of carbon fibre, Titanium or Aluminum along with various wiring options in Pure Silver, OCC and OFHC copper. 


For customers who prefer something more subtle, we also offer Enamel White, and Birch Two-tone on request. 


  • 35mm CNC diamond cut billet aluminum platter at 5.4kgs

  • Non-magnetic stainless steal bearing  with press fit copper wall insert,  Teflon thrust plate,  8mm ceramic ball bearing, and silicone dampening rings.

  • Plinth is solid 50mm MDF CNC machine cut in one cycle. 

  • Detachable aluminum motor housing with  12V AC motor.

  • External speed control for 33.3 and 45rpm operation using a universal power supply. 

  • Machined aluminum adjustable foot sitting on chrome plated foot pads.

  • Colours: Custom Pinstripe and high gloss finish applied by hand. Ask your dealer for options and available artwork.

  • Aeshna Series arm in Black, Satin Silver, Carbon Black, Carbon Silver, or Titanium

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