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Our Hemi Series headphone interconnects are  engineered for true Studio Grade /Audiophile performance. Our design utilizes  the purist PC-OCC copper insulated with a custom formulated PE dielectric  followed by  “True Dual Shield” protection  which effectively blocks  all outside stray signal interference  leaving the audio signal crisp, clear, and unimpeded. Hemi- Graphite is a highly versatile cable which can jam with the deepest bass, slam with the raunchiest rock and mellow out with the smoothest jazz , all while still giving uncompromised detailed attention to your favorite music. 


The Hemi Series  like all of our cables  goes through our new Ultra Sonic cleaning process where we run the raw copper through a water bath that is super charged to burn away dirt, oil, particals and impurities on the surface of the wire. This Ultra Sonic Bath also has the added unique effect of giving our cables a pre-burn sound that could take hundreds of hours to achieve through normal use. 




  • PC-OCC Single Crystal 6N Copper Conductor

  • 26AWG signal cores

  • Tight Pitch Stranding

  • PE Air Dielectric

  • Cotton filler insulation

  • Mylar + Braided copper shield

  • 105C RoHs PVC jacket 

  • 24k Mini XLR-Female

  • 3.5mm Stereo plug 24k

  • Diameter 3.5mm

  • Ultra flexible RoHS PVC in Mica-Black

  • Lengths: 1.8m or 3m

  • Terminations: 3.5mm-3.5mm, 3.5mm- Mini XLR-F, RCA-3.5mm stereo

  • Fits: Ultrazone Proline series, Sony MDR, 

  • Fits: A host of 3.5mm-3.5mm devices 

  • 3.5mm-Mini XLR-F  is the pefect replacment /upgrade cable for AKG Studio, AKG Studio MKII, AKG K271MKII, AKG Q701, Pioneer HDJ-2000 

  • AKG K701, K240/240MKII, K171, K702, K612/K712pro, K141MKII

Hemi Series

 PC-0CC Headphone Cable


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