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Excerpt from NOVO REVIEW


1877-Phono Zavfino Silver Dart

Interconnects and Speaker Cables:


When thinking about bargains, the statement “hell hath no fury like a woman who misses a 50% off designer shoe sale” readily springs to mind. And just like disobedient dogs who so instinctively enjoy chewing on haute couture footwear, getting value for money on audio gear and cabling comes just as innately to drooling audiophiles.


In May 2017, I’d reviewed 1877-Phono’s Zavfino Silver DartA/C power cords. Back then I’d concluded: 


“In my audio systems, the Silver Dartconsistently created a much deeper emotional connection with the music I love. Even on discs I’ve been listening to for decades, this AC cable unveiled layers of sound which I honestly didn’t know existed.”


When NOVOasked if I’d like to review Zavfino’s new Silver Dartinterconnects (ICs) and speaker cables (SCs), I clutched my trembling bosoms in anticipation like Precious narcotically clinging to a vat of chocolate pudding.


Product Description:

Based out of Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1877-Phono has been proudly offering cables, components, and accessories to OEMs and DIY’ers for almost 20 years. Zavfino is one of their registered brand names.


I was provided a 1.5m pair of 1877-Phono’s Silver Dartinterconnects and a 3.0m pair of Silver Dartspeaker cables to review. The ICs are directional and have a thicker middle section with a gorgeous snakeskin-bronze outer jacket that’s 16mm in diameter. On both ends, there are two thinner 8mm diameter lengths of cable terminated with RCA plugs.

Silver Dart Graphene 




  • Conductor: OCC Single Crystal Copper

  • H-Wound™ 16,000 Twists/m

  • Ultra Sonic cleaning process 

  • Deep Cryo Treatment -Conductor only

  • Insulations: PTFE dielectric (wrap), Telfon, Santoprene TPV, Graphene

  • Shield: Mylar with Braided shield and Graphene extruded film as sealant. 

  • Cable-in-Cable design 

  • Multi Layer Jacket with second layer of Graphene acting as RFI/EMI absorption/dissipation layer

  • Sleeve 1: Black Nylon with Clear Monofilament

  • Sleeve 2: Custom Anti-Static/Anti-Abrasion PE

  • OCC PIN Teflon insulated low resistance RCA 

  • Audiophile grade 24k Gold Plated XLR connectors 


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