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The Legion OFHC 


The Legion's  core design  utilizes high purity OFHC wire bundles in a tight pitch construction. We chose OFHC, as the core conductor as it was the premium choice for many High End and Exotic European made amplifiers from the mid 80’s until the late 90’s and has a unique sonic signature which cannot be easily duplicated. 

Legion’s conductors are  Cryo-Treated before extrusion then undergo our thermal cleaning process to remove any external dirt, oils, or drawing residue from the conductor surface. This high voltage cleaning also puts a continuous voltage through the cable giving the Legion a sound and performance of a cable, which has been run-in for many months.

Our spaced layer “cable in cable” technique insulates this cable to an overall diameter of 23mm using a power cable inside a power cable design that is uniquely our own and adding to Legion’s signature sound.  When designing the Legion we took great care in designing shielding that does not choke your system or interfere or limit the power flow to components.

The optimal pairing for Legion are amplifiers, tube amps, and high power flow components. Legion is not limited to just vintage equipment and many of our clients swear by its sound when it comes to using it with some today’s most elite components. The Legion exudes power and grace allowing your system to feel unconstrained, and nourished with the correct amount of pure and steady power it demands. 


  • 99.998% Finland OFHC Copper

  • 11AWG/Core (3X11AWG)

  • Cryo-Treated Conductor

  • High voltage thermal break-in

  • 6 core cotton filler insulation

  • 105C degree PVC

  • Tight Pitch Stranding

  • Full coverage shield 

  • Spaced layer extrusion 6mm

  • Double layer PVC extrusion

  • Anti-static direct braid jacket

  • Diameter 23.0mm

  • Connectors: 24k gold plated IEC, 24k gold plated USA or Schuko plug

  • Lengths: 1.5-2.5 meter

**New labeling on The Legion packaging lists the cable as 12AWG when actually it is and always was a heavier 11AWG/4.20mm2. 




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