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 OCC Silver/Copper 13AWG 

Solid Core  OCC surrounded by fine strand OCC & Silver Plated OCC in our H-Wound™ tight pitch construction.  Insulated with

high temperature FEP, followed by our custom Graphene dielectric and a ROHS/REACH PVC jacket. 

Ideal for internal wiring for amplifiers, speakers, power conditioners and other high end electronics. 


  • OCC/Silver OCC copper cores

  • FEP Dielectric

  • Graphene Dielectric 

  • 13AWG 

  • RoHS PVC jacket

  • H-Wound™ stranding 

  • Ultra Sonic-& Treatment

  • Deep Cryo (bare conductor only)

  • Diameter: 5.3mm

  • Colors: Red or Black

  • 600V

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