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OCC Silver Dart



  • Conductor: OCC Single Crystal Copper

  • H-Wound™ 16,000 Twists/m

  • Ultra Sonic cleaning process 

  • Deep Cryo Treatment -Conductor only

  • Insulations: PTFE dielectric (wrap), Telfon, Santoprene TPV, Graphene

  • Shield: Mylar with Braided shield and Graphene extruded film as sealant. 

  • Cable-in-Cable design 

  • Multi Layer Jacket with second layer of Graphene acting as RFI/EMI absorption/dissipation layer

  • Sleeve 1: Black Nylon with Clear Monofilament

  • Sleeve 2: Custom Anti-Static/Anti-Abrasion PE

  • OCC PIN Teflon insulated low resistance RCA 

  • Audiophile grade 24k Gold Plated XLR connectors 



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