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CryoLitz-Ag™ Headshell leads




Designed for the most demanding tonearms on the market.


  • Pure Silver Conductor/ Litz Construction 

  • Double wall polyurethane enamel film  (155˙C), low dielectric loss, high abrasion resistance 

  • Horizontal slow feed tight pitch processing

  • Overall diamter is 0.2mm core/channel 

  • Weight per 50mm lead 0.19g

  • Indivdiual single strand size 0.06mm

  • High frequence signal transfer

  • Deep-Cryogenic treated before enamellng process

  • Moisture resistant 

  • Deep-Cryogenic treated 24k Gold Plated headshell clips (VintaClips series)  4pcs

  •  Ultra-Sonic7  cleaning/thermal break-in process 

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