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Copperhead comes standard with a fully independent motor supply in a 1.8kg  block  aluminum housing regulated by an AC regenerating circuit, which allows for a perfect AC current that can be slightly adjusted a for a perfect  33.3rpm and  45rpm operation. Also standard is our Aeshna Carbon or Aluminum arm with a second optional arm socket for other manufacturer's arms up to  10.5 inches.  


The central bearing  is two-piece solid stainless steel with a copper bushing; ceramic ball bearing and Teflon thrust plate. We further upgrade the bearing cap with the inclusion of silicone dampening rings between the bearing and aluminum platter. The table bearing sits in a 20mm acrylic anti-vibration disc isolating the bearing from the plinth further decreasing and standing wave vibration. The disc is locked into place with the a combination of  use  combination of PA-66 nylon  and stainless steal screws effectively decoupling the bearing and platter from the plinth.


The plinth is solid aluminum in satin black supported by three large POM feet to absorb vibration. In total the plinth uses a mix of Aluminum, POM, Acrylic, and pure copper slugs to effectively deadening it against vibration.


Platter is machined Aluminum billet that is Diamond Cut on the top side and contoured machined on the underside to dissipate vibration. 

Motor housing is machined out of a solid block of aluminum and completely independent form the table. ​It houses our 16V low torque motor which uses a universal power supply.  

Colour: Satin Black with antique bronze anodized aluminum platter, or optional satin black or satin silver platter.. 

Multiple Aeshna tonearm combinations available. See dealer. 


*For further information or more detailed specifications please contact your local Zavfino 1877phono dealer


   General Specification 


  • Material: CNC machined 6061 solid aluminum 

  • Thickness: 16.20mm

  • Dimensions: L480/W380/H60  (H-Rack to bottom of plinth)

  • Finish: Fine sandblast / anodized satin black

  • Resonance control 1: Acrylic disc sandwich (5.0mm)

  • Foot: Solid 6061 aluminum with copper plated adjustable spike

  • Weight without platter: 14.8kgs


  • 6061 machined aluminum with contoured underside

  • Thickness: 35mm machined/contoured 

  • Diameter: 298mm

  • Bearing cap: Stainless steel, JIS standard-bronze insert  

  • Teflon thrust plate 

  • Bearing shaft: Stainless steel with oil reservoir cup

  • Weight: 5.5kgs

Motor& Housing

  • Material: CNC machined 6061 solid aluminum block

  • Dimensions: L100/W90/H100 (mm)

  • Finish: Fine sandblast / anodized satin black

  • 16V/ low torque 50/60Hz with delrin pulley

  • Foot: Industrial grade rubber (non marking)

  • AC Power cable: Shielded/detachable 

  • Belt: Industrial grade silicone 

  • Weight: 2.0kgs

Speed Regulator

  • 33.3rpm/45rpm 

  • Fine pitch control adjustment 

  • 100-240V, 50/60Hz Universal power supply

  • Material: Aluminum 6061

  • Finish: Fine sandblast- anodized satin black

  • Dimensions: L180/D200/H65 (mm)

  • Foot: Rubber non-marking

  • Weight: 2.0kgs


Anodized  Black/Bronze, Power Coat Charcoal/Black,  


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