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Tonearm DIN

Carbon Tonearm DIN

Our Carbon Tonearm DIN series uses the same engineered DIN assembly to allow for the individual pins to turn with the direction of the wire during the assembly process reducing the stress on the solder joints and risk of damage to the pin or wire.  Each pin has a solder cup for easier and more secure termination and the housing is high temperature PTFE and not acrylic, which provides for a superior dielectric as well as ensures years of flawless opertion.  Along with the anti-vibration carbon cuff  the base of the connector also utilizes two M4 set screws allowing for secure mounting to the cable jacket.


  • 24K Gold Plated CNC Copper Pins

  • Carbon Fiber Barrel

  • Rotating pin design  

  • PTFE/TEF high temperature housing/superior dielectric

  • CNC precision housing a superior alternative for your SME right angle style connectors.

  • Drop Pin set scew linking the housing to the PTFE

  • Fits max cable size of 8.5mm, but with an addition shrink other smaller diameters  can be easily secured. 

  • Colours: Satin Silver/ Satin Black

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