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5-Litz-7 Tonearm Rewire Kit

Ultra fine 33 AWG tonearm wire constructed of High Purity OFHC copper in a true litz construction using our specialized stranding technique. Each core consists of 7 individual  enamal coated micro -strands tightly and slowly twisted to ensure each core is identical to the next for optium and indential transmission. A special coating of 2UEW dielectric film insulates each feather weight conductor giving it abraison resistance, moisture resistance,  in and out of the arm tube. Used by many famous manufacturers, technichans and audiophiles worldwide as the first choice in wiring, upgrading or repairing tonearms.


Our twisting technique also ensures each wire is 100% identical without strand lost, or the pitch becoming loose or out of alignment. 


  • Oxgen Free High Conductivity 33 AWG x5 (1m)

  • Double wall polyurethane enamel film  (155˙C), low dielectric loss, high abrasion resistance 

  • Horizontal slow feed tight pitch processing

  • Overall diamter is 0.275mm core/channel 

  • Genuine enamel litz construction

  • Moisture resistant 

  • 24K FitClips 4pcs with 4pc coloured shrink

  • PTFE/TEF 24k Male DIN socket with R250 series mounting POM cuff

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