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4Litz-3Ag Tonearm Rewire Kit

Ultra fine 34 AWG tonearm wire constructed of 3 individual solid core Pure Silver conductors which are tightly twisted using our H-Wound  Litz technique.  Our  unique method of slow feed tight pitch precision twisting of each wire gives each wire a an overall higher pure silver/m content compared to traditional twisting. Our twisting technique also ensures each wire is 100% identical without strand lost, or the pitch becoming loose or out of alignment. 


Designed for the most demanding tonearms on the market.


  • Solid Pure Silver 34 AWG x4 (60cm)

  • Double wall polyurethane enamel film  (155˙C), low dielectric loss, high abrasion resistance 

  • Horizontal slow feed tight pitch processing

  • Overall diamter is 0.2mm core/channel 

  • Weight per 60cm of wire- 0.5grams

  • Genuine enamel litz construction

  • Moisture resistant 

  • Rhodium FitClips 4pcs with 4pc coloured shrink

  • PTFE/TEF 24k Male DIN socket with R250 series mounting POM cuff

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